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European Trips

The additional trips, which are outside of the CCI curriculum, are usually teacher or student prompted initiatives.

These student and teacher led trips are tailored to the ever-changing curiosities of the student body each year. The additional trips offer a more intimate CCI travel experience at a slower and more leisurely pace. Trips so far have included many important European cities as well as Islands such as Malta, Crete, Rhodes and Elba. 

Many teachers have found that a visit to some of the neighbouring, International European cities has been a perfectly enriching expansion of the literature and history learned in class. English classes have ventured to the theatre district of downtown London England to be in the audience of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Art students have gathered under the stone trees of Antonio Gaudi’s Segrada Familia temple in Barcelona, or have visited famous fashion houses  in Milan. Other teacher led trips have included Lisbon, Madrid and Croatia,  In addition, depending on the weather, the School often makes a trip  to the Tremiti Islands, the beautiful archipelago where famous prisoners of war were often held in exile over the centuries.

One of the many advantages of the smaller teacher-student travel initiatives has been that students have been able to visit sites that are otherwise inaccessible to large groups. Such sites have included the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Rafael Sanzio’s house in the neighbouring city of Urbino.