Prospective Parents

Here is what CCI Parents have to say about their children's time at The School. Click below to learn more about:

Susan & Tony Galasso

Parents of Vivianna - 2017/2018

"It is with thanks and appreciation that we send this note today. Our daughter had the experience of her life at CCI in Lanciano and it’s thanks to you and your staff. She flourished socially, culturally and was able to maintain high marks academically. You are true to your mission statement. Your series of cultural events and trips allowed the students to experience a rich culture and to expand their view of the world and in particular Italy. This was important to Tony and I. David, your leadership was evident through your gentle but clear approach. It was obvious the students respected and appreciated you. I thank you our conversations and I appreciate the care with which you guided Vivianna. She has lasting memories and will always have a special place in her heart for CCI."

Michael Marti

Father of Tess & Alissa  - 2016/2017

"I want to thank CCI for a wonderful experience both my daughters had received. The memories and life experiences have been wonderful and life changing. The CCI team are big part of the experience and I would recommend CCI to any parent who is willing to let go of their apprehensions and let their young adults taste and learn actual life lessons and real world experiences. Both Tess and Alissa have changed for the positive and are both more open and confident in themselves. They started out small and returned mature young women. I am sure every time they see or hear something of Italy it will take them back to these past couple of years. Thank You"

Sandra Safulko

Mother of Allyson 2017/2018

"We are very proud of Allyson. Going away to school so far away (being more of a home body!) was a huge challenge for her, and together with a great environment you provide, she has really risen to the challenge. She has always been very organized and way too stressed about school! So the trips which she thoroughly enjoys are a good educational break!"

Sabrina Graci

Mother of Vittoria - 2017/2018

"In the name of my family and in mine, I am writing this email in orden to show our gratitude to you and to the entire staff of the CCI for all the support and attentions to Vittoria.

Michelle Aylward

Mother of Emily - 2014/2015

"Emily has been so lucky to have been able to attend CCI this year. We are so grateful for the marvelous experience she has had. Thank you for letting us be part of such a beautiful graduation ceremony. We feel so honoured to have been part of it. Everything about it was exquisite. You have incredible attention to detail. The venues and ceremony, speeches, prizes, food and beverages were all perfect."

Carol Bujeau

Mother of Kayla - 2014/2015

"We are so proud of Kayla, not only because of her academic achievements but because of the confident, kind, humble, and sophisticated young woman she has become. We can't thank you enough for offering her the type of environment that allowed her to thrive. She has such an amazing future ahead of her."

Sue Meszaros

Mother of Abbe - 2014/2015

"I would like to thank you for accepting Abbe into CCI and giving her an opportunity of a lifetime! My experience dealing with your staff in Ontario and Lanciano was wonderful throughout the years. The information provided was always timely and accurate…Your school has made a difference in our lives…it has been an incredibly journey."

Heather Goodman

Mother of Tate - Summer Academy 2013

"Thank-you for offering a wonderful experience for our son. He made wonderful friends, he was challenged academically and loved the Italian environment and the people at CCI. We intend to visit Lanciano again as a family as Tate has such fond memories of his time at CCI."

Philippa Moult

Mother of Jane - Summer Academy 2014

"We thank you again most sincerely for all your consistent work and effort in overseeing every finest detail of organizing the most wonderful life experience for Jane and many other most fortunate students. Jane loved being at CCI and studying under such outstanding teachers."

Alfredo Cano

Father of Catalina & Alfredo - 2011/2012

"Both Catalina and Alfredo have been very happy at CCI. They have matured, learned and seen a different world view through the new culture and people around them. The experience has been both positive and life changing. We have always felt confident in the care that the staff at CCI has shown our children and we thank you for that."

Michelle Mason

Mother of Lexi - 2010/2011

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you did for Lexi. She loved her experiences at CCI. You have helped her achieve a dream. For that I can't thank you enough. I could not believe the camaraderie between the teachers and the students. There was a strong bond between these young people, a strong sense of belonging and purpose that they could go forward and succeed. There was friendship and love. No bullying or peer pressure or competition. They honestly cared about each other."

Georgina Valdez

Mother of Isabel - 2008/2009

"I want to express my deep gratitude for the wonderful year that Isabel spent with you in Lanciano. For her, the experience at CCI was very exciting and productive. She still can't stop talking or thinking about it."

Sandra Ferguson

Mother of Madeleine - 2008/2009

"On behalf of the Ferguson family thank you to all staff in Toronto and Lanciano for making Madeleine's experience at CCI awesome!! What a wonderful group of people. I spent time recently going through the yearbook and could feel the positive fun and energy in every trip and activity. Madeleine is a lucky young lady and I know that CCI will be a special part of her forever. P.S. Parents' Week is a great way to connect parents to the school. Hope you keep that tradition going. I had a great time."

Claire Busby

Mother of Flora - 2007/2008

"We have just been to the UK to settle Flora into her halls of residence at Exeter University. She is very happy & ready to face this next adventure. At this time I am mindful of last year, when we accompanied Flora to Lanciano. How excited & scared she was! How excited & scared I was! She had a truly amazing experience and I would like to thank you all at CCI for your hard work & passion in making the school a very special place. Flora will never forget her time with you all."

Peter Phillip

Father of Jessica & Juliana - 2000/2002

"CCI has been a very rewarding cultural experience for both Jessica & Juliana. They have truly thrown themselves into the Italian & European cultures forever."

Nancy Turner

Mother of Adam - 1998/1999

"This letter is to offer profound thanks to your school and what it does for kids. The experience of the school and Italy changed his life totally. He is urbane, well-spoken, interested in studying and sees life in a larger international scope. He has friends all over the world & is motivated to work in order to visit them. The teachers and other students showed him that to learn is a life-long endeavor. That was the greatest gift."