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SARTORIA - The mindful art of personal styleItaly is synonymous with fashion; an effortless style and sophistication that denotes confidence and craftsmanship. In Italian, the word sartoria (sarto'ria) refers to the art of tailoring and dressmaking. 

At CCI, Sartoria means the mindful cultivation of one’s personal identity and style and its expression in one’s clothing, grooming, character and overall presentation. High school is an ideal time for young people to build and hone their sense of identity, poise and confidence — especially as they prepare to take steps to enter the professional world.

With careful mentoring from skilled craftspeople and notable fashion and style experts, students will learn:

  • The value of proper uniform attire and its personal tailoring.

  • How to assess current trends and use mindful techniques when crafting one’s personal style.

  • How to design, assemble or commission a personal garment, or collection of garments, that reflect their ideal vision of themselves.

  • Have the possibility of presenting, or wearing their creations in a regional fashion show.

  • How to present oneself at formal and business social engagements, including appropriate dining and communication etiquette.