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cucina - The mindful study of food and eating

It is no secret that life in Italy centres around food. In fact, it’s very likely that one of your favourite foods comes from Italy. However, there is more to Italian cuisine than pasta, pizza and gelato.

For Italians, eating is an art form; a celebration of life, culture, tradition, and of course family. In Italian, the word cucina (cu‧chee‧na) means kitchen, or the art of gastronomy. At CCI, Cucina is the mindful study of food and eating as an expression of culture, history and personal nutrition.

Under the leadership of trained chefs, our skilled staff and experienced local artisans, CCI students:

  • Are immersed in Italian food culture.

  • Enjoy a nutritious menu based on traditional Italian dishes crafted from the finest and freshest local ingredients.

  • Experience different regional cuisines and tour local agriturismi (farm-to-table experiences) and regional vineyards.

  • Learn the importance of mindfulness while appreciating new foods and flavours.

While CCI aims to broaden our students' cultural horizons when it comes to food and drink, we are also sensitive to their personal dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerances.