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Community Service

One of the compulsory components of our diploma requirements is the successful completion of 40 hours of Community Service throughout the four years of high school.

At CCI, students have the opportunity to fulfil these hours in limited ways. We encourage students to earn their community hours while at home over the holidays.

CCI Faculty look for opportunities for our students to interact with the local people in meaningful ways and continue to build on our relationship with them. Activities can include planting and watering flowers or participating in activities as members of the environmental club.

The definition of what is acceptable for Community Service is fairly broad and has allowed for much creativity on the part of our students over the years. A few years ago, community service hours were earned outside of Italy as our students visited Tanzania. A group of Staff and students visited a school at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and for one week, they assisted in the actual building of the structure for a new local school.

In recent years, hours have also been earned by participating in a 12 hour fast that takes place on the weekend in the school. In this activity, students and parents pledge funds that go towards Ryan’s Well or a similar charity that helps provide water in underprivileged countries. Funds raised by the fast have also been donated to a school in Africa to purchase desks and chairs.

All of these volunteer activities are essential for developing a sense of worth that takes the students’ awareness away from self and gives them the immense reward of caring for others.