Athletics & Clubs

CCI's home of Lanciano, situated between the highest peaks of the Apennine Mountains and the sunny beaches of the Adriatic Sea, makes for a diverse and exciting Athletics program.

The School makes good use of the natural resources of its surroundings through regular after-school activities and day excursions to the surrounding parks, mountains and beaches.

Weekly participation in either sports clubs or non-sports related clubs are mandatory as students accumulate House points for their respective team

After school activities vary from year to year since they are based purely on the needs and interests of the students. Students are also encouraged to start their own clubs as a form of leadership initiative.

There is also a fully equipped gym and Crossfit centre in town which includes aerial yoga, a saunaweight room and offers a variety of exercise classes that are available to students at a discounted rate.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

House System

CCI's Athletics and Clubs program is based on a House system where the student body is divided into four groups, named after the four quarters of Lanciano:

  • Borgo
  • Lanciano Vecchia
  • Sacca
  • Civitanova

Athletic Clubs

Given that CCI is located in the heart of the historical quarters of Lanciano, the limitations of space in the Medieval quarters simply do not allow for many open spaces. However, having many liaisons with local schools and gyms (including the Black Axe Crossfit, Pilates & Yoga facilitity) that are outside the oldest quarters of the town, CCI is able to offer our students many options. In utilizing local gym and local school facilities for basketball and volleyball courts as well as soccer and rugby fields, our students get to interact with the community. Ball hockey is also a favorite sport amongst our Canadian community.

In the past, and in addition to regular school sports, after school clubs have centered around the following athletic interests:

  • skiing/snowboarding
  • scuba-diving
  • jogging
  • yoga
  • flamenco dancing
  • horse-back riding

Local Sports


In recent years, CCI's scuba program has been very popular with students as International certification is attained over the course of a year via regular Sunday dives in the local pool and nearby beaches. The final scuba examination takes place during the last school trip of the year at Ischia, a picturesque island in the bay of Naples, where students are tested by their instructor. The club only operates if there is enough interest among the students. 


The region of Abruzzo is known for its great outdoors and holds more National Parks than any other region in the country. Students experience mountain hiking  with spectacular views which include the region's tallest waterfall.


In the winter months, students have the luxury of being only forty minutes away from excellent Alpine ski resortsRoccaraso (2140 meters above sea leveland Passo Lanciano (1890 meters above sea level) are both a short bus ride away and attract visitors from all over Europe. Students are encouraged to rent their equipment at the ski resorts rather than bringing their skiis and snowboards from home.  The ski season continues well into the Spring.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

After school clubs have centered around the following non-athletic interests. These are tailored to student interests every year and could include the following:

  • cooking
  • photography
  • ecology
  • guitar
  • knitting
  • Italian conversational skills
  • film club
  • board games
  • creative writing 

Sports & Athletics at CCI