Boarding Life

It takes courage for both parents and students to commit to a study abroad experience. Yet, like most things that are difficult initially, the hardest part is to take that first step. Please find some key topics and questions about Living and Learning at CCI. 

Key Topics

The decision to attend a boarding school

particularly one in a different country and time zone is sometimes a difficult one to make. There are so many unknowns; so much that is unfamiliar. Yet students who take a chance to do so are rewarded with rich experiences and soon discover that they are growing up more quickly than the may have at home.

The international experience

This year CCI's students come from Canada, Columbia, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Scotland, Thailand, and the United States to name a few. Our students live together, travel together and learn together. They are constantly learning about each other's culture and customs. It is easy for our students to naturally form life long friendships with students from all over the world as a result.

Being away from home

It can be bewildering and perhaps a little scary at first to be away from home while adjusting to new people, new routines and a new home away from home. However, those days soon pass as students grow accustomed to their new lifestyle. Everyone here stays in touch with families and friends through SKYPE, email and other electronic messaging methods. Receiving 'care packages' from home is exciting for everyone in residence!

Sense of community

Living at CCI means that students know everyone and everyone knows them. They have close contact with teachers throughout the day, in the evening and on weekends. Getting extra help is never a problem.

One of our students best summarizes the benefits of boarding at CCI.

Living away from home has definitely made me more independent, mature and just a more confident person overall. I have learned many skills and improved some of my old ones such as cooking, travelling and cleaning. I have learned how to care for myself as well as being required to make some decisions without the assistance of my parents. It has made me a stronger person and as much as I miss my parents it is nice to be independent because it makes me feel more grown up.

I have had the opportunity to experience something that many people would love to have the chance to do and it makes me feel very fortunate. I have gained so much from my experience here and would encourage anyone ever thinking about studying abroad to go for it because you get so much out of the experience."
(Mallory S., CCI student)

Living & Learning at CCI