Winery Tour

Winery Tour

Among other things, Italy is of course well known for its wine. For this reason, CCI spent Saturday afternoon at a family-run cantina to learn about the winemaking process.

We were greeted by Gildo, the owner of the cantina. That morning, he and his workers (mostly family members) had already collected about three wagon loads of grapes which we got to taste.

It was clear that Gildo is passionate about winemaking. Before becoming a vintner, Gildo was a truck driver. Every day, for twenty years, he would pick up rocks on his way home that would one day be used to build the walls of his cantina.

We were introduced to the machinery used to remove the vines and press the grapes. Afterward, he explained the fermentation process.

As expected, Gildo offered everyone to taste the wine of which he is so proud. Little did our students know, it was an elaborate ruse that we had been setting up for weeks and they were all gated that evening. Joking of course!