CCI students and staff enjoyed a three day visit to Verona and Venice.

Departing early on Friday morning, we travelled to Verona for lunch. Verona is a beautiful and old city that boasts the oldest extant Roman amphitheatre. In the past, it was used for gladiatorial combat; today it is the setting for opera productions.

Verona is also the setting of two of Shakespeare’s plays, the most famous of which is Romeo and Juliet. A visit to see Juliet’s balcony and to make a wish on the statue are a must. 

Our arrival process in Venice later that day was somewhat protracted as the Venetians have instituted new procedures for those arriving by bus. In brief, they are catering to the large crowds that arrive there to start and finish cruises which requires disembarkation further out and travelling by a new monorail to the island itself. These kinds of surprises play havoc with schedules! 


Nevertheless, after check in and dinner, all of us went on an orientation walk to the Piazza San Marco and had some time to enjoy Venice by night.

On Saturday morning, the teachers conducted four tours that the students for which the signed up. These included the Galleria Dell ‘Academia; The Peggy Guggenheim Museum; the Marco Polo Tour (that explored sites of Marco Polo’s life in Venice); and The Mystery Tour (that explored various mysteries and ‘true myths’ of Venice). 


Saturday afternoon was spent on a tour through the lagoon to the picturesque island of Burano which is an island famous for lace making. 

On our return, two massive cruise ships made their way down the Grand Canal.

Our final tour on Sunday morning was of the Palazzo Ducale or Doge’s Palace. Venice was the supreme power in Europe from some 400 years. This palace as the seat of government was designed to impress visitors and to remind them of Venetian power and influence. Unlike the fortresses found in many walled Italian cities and towns, the sea afforded the Venetians protection and allowed them to build a beautiful palace using pink Veronese marble.


Following lunch, we reluctantly turned south and headed for Lanciano.