We had our last trip of the semester on the weekend. We headed north to the Marche region, to the town of Urbino. 

Urbino was a stronghold in the middle ages. During the renaissance, the town grew into an important centre, and was the birthplace of painter and architect, Raphael. 

Today, Urbino is a UNESCO heritage site, and very much a university town, as it is home to Università degli Studi di Urbino, founded in 1506.

Urbino gained prominence during the Renaissance, under the leadership of Federico da Montefeltro. He gained his wealth as a condottiere (warlord) and was a patron of literature, and the arts. He had much of the city renovated to suit the new style of the Renaissance. His Ducal Palace stands at the centre of the town, and this is where we visited on Saturday.

The palace is now the National Gallery of the Marche. It houses some of the most important work from the Renaissance, including Piero della Francesca’s Flagellation, and Ideal City.

Now, we are back in Lanciano with exams fast approaching. A bittersweet feeling has sunken in with the thought of the upcoming winter break; while it will be wonderful to have time off, the CCI family with be separated for many weeks. I know I look forward to seeing everyone’s face in January.