Update on Exams

Update on Exams

With the mental health of our students on the forefront of our minds, we have decided not to run exams this June. The final day of classes is expected to remain June 1st as indicated on our calendar. If required, teachers may use the previously scheduled exam days (June 2nd to June 5th) as additional instructional days in order to ensure that the curriculum is covered.

For most courses, students are already working on large culminating projects that will act as their final evaluations. The due dates for these projects will vary in each class. Teachers will provide further explanation to their individual students if any changes have or will be made.

For subjects such as Mathematics and Sciences, 30% of the final grade is traditionally based solely on the student’s performance on the exam. The Ministry of Education has indicated that, due to Covid-19, there is great flexibility this semester in terms of how teachers weigh their assessments. The teachers of these subjects will ensure that all overall expectations have been evaluated, while not burdening students with additional work causing undue stress.

Additionally, Update Report Cards are not required by the Ministry (these had been scheduled for April 22nd). As such, the next report to be released will be the Final Report Card, which will be sent out on June 12th. If students would like to know their current grade, they are encouraged to contact their teachers individually.

I am incredibly pleased with the level of engagement and perseverance that our students and teachers have shown in these past months; it has certainly exceeded all expectations. I wish everyone continued success in the upcoming weeks as we approach the finish line of this marathon.