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Tivoli & Rome


CCI returned to Rome last Saturday with tours in the afternoon. Along the way, we stopped in Tivoli to visit Villa d’Este. The villa was constructed in the 16th century and commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este. It is most famous for its incredible garden, which uses cascading water, fountains, and pools to enhance its beauty. Although overcast, it was a pleasant morning overall as we got to enjoy the outdoors before arriving in Rome.

We arrived in Rome later that afternoon where we split into three groups. One group visited the Borghese Gallery to see the sculpted works of Bernini and paintings by Caravaggio. Another explored the catacombs of St. Sebastian, just outside of the centre of town. Meanwhile, my group made its way to the Colosseum, but not before climbing the long staircase up to the Basilica of St. Mary of the Altar of Heaven.

As our tours ended, a parade celebrating the carnival was just getting started! It was a nice surprise for those who got to see the elaborate costumes and participants on horseback.

I would like to thank all of the teachers for leading our tours in Tivoli and Rome, and for everyone who shared their photos with me to put on this blog.