The Tie Ceremony by Dania Decelles

The Tie Ceremony by Dania Decelles

Tuesday, October 26, 2021: The Tie Ceremony

 By Dania Decelles


On the morning of Monday, October 25th, 2021, we celebrated the Tie Ceremony at CCI, which was held to honour the students who got grades of 80% and above. This was a very special event for us as students were recognized for our collective academic labours and we celebrated it coming together as a community. I was proud and glad that we got to point out the wonderful efforts made by our pupils. This event brought us together to celebrate our accomplishments as students but also as a community supporting each other. As it is not always easy for all of us, I thought that this event was a positive moment that reminded all of us that the countless hours of homework and the stress of studying for tests are not in vain. It also suggested that others can join by continue to work hard.

Initially I was very surprised to learn that I had received one of the Headmaster’s Ties for achieving an average above or at 90%. I think that this day brought a lot of personal satisfaction and I was proud of mine. I was also happy for everyone’s accomplishments because I know the sacrifices it takes to reach such a goal. This ceremony also made me reflect on the value of putting on awards in general. I think that the true meaning of it lies in continued encouragement for one and all. The school wants to show us that they recognize our efforts and that they are proud of us. That somehow this is a moment of pride for teachers, administrators, students and, of course, our families, who helped to make this possible.

I think that academic awards are good for a school community as they show that the hard work we put in, pays off in terms of acknowledging and rewarding that effort. It shows us all that hard work can be gratifying and it encourages everyone to give the best of themselves. I think that such accomplishments should be celebrated because as a student myself, we sometimes feel like we are working in isolation. We do not realize the actual result of our efforts and this ceremony is there to acknowledge it. You feel rewarded when you hear someone say publicly, “Congratulations.” Then, in the corridors and classrooms of the school, your peers congratulate you. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment and it really should motivate all of us to pursue the good work that we are all capable of.

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