The Malta Trip


Students at CCI have the opportunity to join into optional trips around Italy and Europe and eleven took advantage of a staff lead trip to the sunny island of Malta.  Malta’s location between Europe and Africa means it has a rich history from pre-historic times and later influenced by Phoenicians, Romans, Knights, Arabs, the French and the British.  The language is a unique mixture of Arab, Italian and French but almost everyone speaks English. 


On Friday, the students explored the capital city Valetta which is a UNESCO site, built by the Knights of Malta.  They visited the World War II Museum (Malta and its people were awarded the George Cross for bravery and withstanding steady bombardment in WWII) and other optional museums like the Malta Experience, the Archaeological Museum and the church dedicated to St. Paul who was shipwrecked on the island.  Malta offers a huge variety of restaurants for dinner. 

Saturday provided an opportunity to travel around the island.  The North Tour went to Mdina, the charming former capital city and also past Mostra, the third largest dome in Europe that was hit with a bomb in WWII, but didn’t explode. The South tour travelled to Marsaxlokk, a charming fishing village and passed several neo-lithic structures on the way back to Sliema where some students embarked on a harbour cruise.  After some free time for shopping, we left for the airport to return to Italy and Lanciano for a well-deserved sleep in on Sunday.

Eleven adventurous CCI students embark on an optional trip to Malta

Ten kilos - all the luggage you can carry on Ryan air and ten troopers visiting the WWII museum in Valetta

Nine travellers on the south tour of the island around Valetta harbour and to the colourful fishing village of Marsaxlokk

Eight trips on the bus to Bari, to Valetta, to Mdina, to Marsaxlokk ,to the shops and to the hotel

Seven prayers at St. Paul’s Shipwreck church, especially after seeing the pillar he was beheaded on

Six girls without shampoo

Five boys who didn’t care because they can use soap

Four brave swimmers frolicking in the Mediterranean

Three sleepless staff and three curious historians touring Mdina, the ancient capital of Malta and Valetta harbour

Two glorious sunny days in Malta, two eyes on the boats and two trips to the Sushi bar

One Chinese dinner, one hamster, one hour in the plane and one Euro left over after my trip

Text and Photos provided by the Murrays