The Beach at San Vito by Gaia Avallone

The Beach at San Vito by Gaia Avallone

Saturday August 28, 2021: The Beach at San Vito

By Gaia Avallone


On our second day at CCI we went to the beach! San Vito is a small port town near Lanciano. We met at 9:30 am in Torri Montenare, where we all got on the bus which took us to the beach in about 30 minutes. 

When we arrived, we had to walk for a few minutes before actually arriving at the sea. As soon as we got there, we all put our bags down in the sand and quickly jumped into the water. The weather was not the best, a little overcast, so the water was freezing cold at first. 

There was no sun at first, but we still had so much fun. After bathing in the water, we decided to play beach volley since there was a really good court with a net nearby. Then we went to lunch where we had some really good pizza, and after that we played a little match on the volleyball court again and some fun games organized by Mr. Knapp. We also made a human pyramid on the beach and dived from a cement pier into the sea. 

Then at around 3 o’clock, we quickly headed back to the bus before it started raining. Back in Lanciano, we all went to the Allegria to have some delicious dinner, and then we hung out in town. Later, we went for a gelato on the Corso and a walk. Then, after curfew we all watched a horror movie together in the girls’ residence. 

I had a really good time. I am so happy that we all bonded so well and so fast. The beach was really fun and was the perfect opportunity to spend time with amazing people and to get to know fellow students even more.


students jumping off a pier into water

The students had a blast jumping off the edge of the pier into the warm beach waters.