Summer School Begins

Summer School Begins


Today we welcomed our summer school students to Lanciano. For most, it was a long flight from Canada, though a few had arrived earlier in the week. For our flyers, it was an exhausting day.

Upon arrival in Lanciano, our students were welcomed by our dons into the residence. The building is located in the ancient centre of town, in a building that was once a hotel, and the oldest in Lanciano. Lanciano, itself, is nearly 3200 years old, more than 400 years older than Rome!


On the ground floor of the residence is the Allegria restaurant. This is where we eat our dinner throughout the week. A typical meal includes fresh fruit and vegetables, a meat dish, and of course… pasta!

We held a quick residence meeting after dinner to explain some of the routines for the summer. Then, I expect, it was straight to bed for our tired students.

I wish to thank our parents for entrusting us with the wellbeing, safety, and education of their sons and daughters. I’m fully confident that this will be a life altering experience for our young folks.