Summer Academy Begins

Summer Academy Begins

Most of our students flew in from Canada last Sunday and rode our bus to Lanciano with staff. I was also very happy to meet those families who made the journey to Lanciano; for many, it was quite a distance!

Our orientation started that evening with a welcome dinner prepared by Chef Lula and our food and beverage manager, Eligio.


We then went on a short walk followed by a tour of the school. For most, it was a long day of travel, so it was straight to bed after a safety meeting in residence and a bit of unpacking.

On Monday morning, we had a longer tour of Lanciano where students learned about some of the rich history and culture of the town. In the afternoon, teachers introduced their courses and got to learn more about our students.

After school, we visited our friend Johnny at his agriturismo. Agriturismi are working farms that operate as B&Bs and restaurants. Johnny gave us a tour of the farm, highlighting some of their organic practices, and spoke about how the family home had been occupied by the Germans during WWII. We then had a tasting of the food grown and produced on his land. With food in our bellies the volume in the room grew with students chatting, making jokes, and getting to know each other better. It was clear to see that close friendships were already being formed.

Classes continued over the next few days, with a visit to San Vito beach day Tuesday afternoon and pizza night on Wednesday. At CCI, pizza night does not mean ordering out! Fresh pizzas were prepared by Chef Lula and Mr. C - along with the help of some curious students - using our own wood fired oven. 

Overall, it was a great first few days leading up to our three-day trip to Florence, which you’ll learn about in my next blog. 

David Stephens
Head of Summer Academy