Semester Two Begins

Semester Two Begins


After a long winter break semester two has begun. Most of our students arrived in Italy by plane on Sunday, while many others were already in the country. For returning students the first night back was a time for reconnecting with close friends.  It felt the same for us staff as the bus pulled up with “our kids.”

For new students, the first night, and I’m sure the first few days, brought on feelings of excitement and joy, along with a touch of homesickness. Still, everyone seems to be settling in rather well. I’m happy to welcome eleven new students to the CCI community. This semester we have six young ladies from Mexico, three new students from Canada, and two more from Italy. On Sunday we ate together at the Allegria, then for most, it was straight to bed.

We quickly got back into a routine as classes began on Monday. The day is split up into four, 80 minute, periods: two in the morning, and two after lunch.

Despite pleading for nice candid photos, sometimes it’s too tempting to mess about.

We eat lunch at the Mercato (the market), which is a short walk from the school. We have themed lunch days with burritos and tacos on Monday, make-your-own sandwiches on Wednesday, and burgers and hotdogs on Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays the Mercato serves traditional Italian food, and everyday includes salads, soup, pizza, pasta, and fruit for desert.

This week our evenings have been a bit lax, as evening study hall does not start until next week. I believe the students (and the staff) have been grateful for this time to get over jetlag, unpack, and get used to being back in residence. Still, we had one exciting evening on Tuesday, where our soccer team played their first game of 2014.




Like first semester, this one will surely fly by. Already in February we have trips planned to Rome, and later, Venice, of which photos and stories will be posted on this blog. As well, we welcome you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.