SCUBA Club at the Tremiti Islands

SCUBA Club at the Tremiti Islands


Each semester, Mr. C. offers a SCUBA Club to the CCI students. The final test of the Second Semester is always a dive at the Tremiti Islands. This is a group of small islands about 2 hours south-east of Lanciano. The island pictured above and the waters surrounding it is a natrual reserve. The water here is very clear making it ideal from SCUBA divers.

It's a long day for the divers starting with a 45 miniutes drive south to Termoli followed by a 45 minute ferry ride to the islands.

Getting all the equipment into the boat requires many hands and no hands are too small. 

Getting into the wetsuits is a bit of a struggle but nothing compared to getting into the water first thing in the morning.

But finally the divers are ready to head out on the water.

As the divers prepare for their dive, their equipment is checked and double checked by Mr. C. and Andrea.  

Mr. C. Has the pleasure of ensuring a safe entry into the water for each of the divers! 

Once everyone is in the water, Andrea reviews their instructions...

while Mr. C. carefully watches.  

After 26 minutes, the divers emerge excitedly talking about the fish, starfish and urchins that they have seen.

After the dive, the divers don their equipment and try to warm up as we return to port.

The 'crew' reassembled on the shore.  

The rest of the day is spent on the beach and exploring San Domino. 

A few hours later, it is time to leave this idyllic place and start back for Lanciano.