San Sebastiano fuori le mura

San Sebastiano fuori le mura


With Lanciano only being a few hours to Rome, we often travel there with the school.  Friday, was our fourth time this academic year. It was also our final trip to the Eternal City, and had me recognize just how fast a year come move by. There are now only six weeks until graduation and our closing ceremonies. Hard to believe!

Before entering Rome, we arrived at San Sebastiano fuori le mura (or the Church of Saint Sebastian, “fuori le mura” meaning that it is located outside the walls of the Aurelian Walls).

The church was originally built in the 4th century, on top of the catacombs where San Sebastian was buried. Today his remains are kept in the church. The church however has been rebuilt numerous times. What you see in the photographs is the 17th century reconstruction.

Our guide to us deep beneath the church to explore the winding paths of the catacombs. Unfortunately we were asked not to take pictures. If you have ever traveled within Italy, you get used to hearing “No foto!” My description of the catacombs are what you probably expect: dark, narrow, and eerie. Meanwhile, it was gorgeous outside.


Our tour ended in the church itself. Within the shrine of Saint Sebastian, is this impressive statue of the martyr. It was sculpted by Giorgetti, a pupil of Bernini.

Across from the shrine, is a bust of Jesus Christ. This work is said to be Bernini’s last work.

In the afternoon, we headed to the centre of Rome. A small group led by Ms. Marinilli toured the inside of the Colosseum.  Meanwhile, other students shopped, ate, and explored on their own. Overall, it was a wonderful day, and a great way to say goodbye to Rome.