Last Saturday we had our first trip to Rome. We had originally planned to leave Lanciano at a leisurely 9:00 a.m., but the students spoke out and had us on the road at a whopping 6:30 in order to have more time in the Eternal City. Though it was a long day, I believe it was well worth it!

We began the day with a walk through the historic centre. Our first stop was the Trevi Fountain that allowed for some photo ops, and to throw coins into the fountain while making wishes.

From there, we headed to the Pantheon. There, students from the Calculus class explained how to calculate the volume of the building given Archimedes’ discovery of the relation between the volume of a sphere and a cylinder. While it sounds geeky, it was quite entertaining!


Our next stop was Piazza Navona to see Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers. There, the Biology class explained the importance of the fountain, and significance of human anatomy on the renaissance, and later the baroque period.



At this point, we had done a lot of walking and were beginning to fade. So, we stopped in front of the Vittorio Emanuele II monument for a quick break and (strangely) to take photos of people sticking out their tongues. It was here that the Photography class explained the significance of the monument. I should also mention, that most of the photos in this blog post are those of the photography class. Great job photo students!



Finally, we hit the Colosseum, perhaps the most recognized symbol of ancient Rome. Now it was the turn of the Italian Studies class to give a lesson in history.



Our final stop was within the Roman Forum.  After a long day of walking we were all dragging our feet. Yet despite our tiredness, two students from Grade 10 English pulled off the most entertaining performance of Mark Antony’s speech.


Afterwards, there was free time for everyone to shop, eat, and to explore Rome. We made it back to Lanciano before midnight, and for most, we passed out in our beds. Overall, it was a very successful trip.