Return to Rome

Return to Rome


After what felt like a week of rain, we were treated a beautiful sunny day last weekend as we traveled to Rome. From Lanciano, Rome is a 250 km drive west through the Apennines. These mountains appear even larger this time of year when they are snowcapped.

Rome was equally sunny. With a high of 16°C it felt like spring was here to stay. The students split into four tour groups, depending on their interest. I led a small group of three through the Colosseum and Forum.

Other tours included the Borghese Gallery and a Capuchin church and crypt. The largest group headed to the National Gallery of Modern Art (GNAM) to see works from the most influential artists of the 20th century.

A small group had traveled to Rome a week earlier for a self guided tour of the Colosseum and GNAM. Unfortunately they did not have the same weather that we enjoyed. Still, it was an enriching experience.

As usual, our students were given free after the tours for shopping, dinner, and exploration.