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Remembrance Day

The CCI Remembrance Day Ceremony is held every November 11. It especially commemorates the 1375 Canadian soldiers who died in and around Ortona (located just north of Lanciano) in fierce battles during WWII and who are buried in the Moro River Cemetery.

It is a moving ceremony attended by Canadian Armed Forces personnel from Italy and Europe, local politicians and we are especially grateful for the participation of the Canadian Ambassador, Mr. James Fox.  










CCI students and faculty as well as the above mentioned dignitaries participated in a moving ceremony. 


Following the ceremony, Mrs. D’Alessandro hosted a luncheon for Armed Forces personnel. After lunch, Ambassador Fox, Colonel Tony Battista, Colonel Milot and Colonel Moore, (co-incidentally as CCI past parent) held a question and answer session with the students that resulted in questions on a wide range of topics being addressed.       


In the Moro River Ceremony – July 11, 2004

By Brian Kellow (English teacher in CCI’s summer programme)


Now is the time for weeping

Among the young and the

Young dead,

The white crosses and the red flowers

And the grass

Over the underground stains

Of all the silent boys.


Now is the time for weeping

Among the young and the

Young dead

For the lives not lived

For the loves not loved

For the suddenly old faces and

The long passed lines

Around the eyes

Of the mothers, the wives

And the fathers.


Now is the time for weeping

In the place as silent

As the lost laughter

Of the boys

In the place as still

As the brooding mountain

That witnessed

The guns, the cries and the white crosses

And hears only the silence

Of the voiceless

Of the young,

Of the dead.


Now is the time for weeping.

Now is the time for weeping.


I am among the weeping

The young

And the dead.