Recent Events at CCI - Part 2

Notwithstanding the fact that it was Spirit Week, a number of our students visited various WWII battlefields and sites in this area as part of their studies. 

This is Tomasso, a guide at the war museum in Ortona. He was a boy in Ortona during WWII and can speak knowledgably about his experiences during the war. Here he is with our students in front of a scale model of Ortona.  

In Ortona there is a sculpture entitled 'The Price of Peace' by a Canadian artist. It has been dutifully cared for by two sisters who also are native to Ortona and grew up during WWII. Francesca, pictured below, outlived her sister but continues their tradition of putting flowers on the sculpture weekly. Like Tomoasso, she remains grateful for the sacrifice made by Canadians to liberate her town.