Pumpkins & Cheese


Each CCI student belongs to a house: Borgo, Civitanova, Lancianovecchia, or Sacca. These names come from the four neighborhoods, or quartieri, of Lanciano. 

About once a week we hold a friendly Quartieri Challenge where students can earn points for their house. Some of the things we’ve seen so far were Gelato Eating, “Compete for Concrete,” and Egg Russian Roulette. 

In the spirit of Halloween, Student Council organized the Pumpkin Carving Challenge. It was a little messy, but a lot of fun.



A day earlier our students had the opportunity to learn how to make cheese in Ms. Tozzi’s Cooking Club. Ms. Loredana brought the milk in that day from her uncle’s farm. She and Ms. Tozzi then showed the students how to boil the milk and skim off the curds. Afterward they pushed out the moisture and formed the shape of the cheese (some even added spicy chili flakes). It will take about a month to age before it's ready for eating.