Every Tuesday is pizza night at the Allegria where we go to eat our lunches and dinners. Mr. C fires up the wood oven in the afternoon to bring it to just the right temperature, and our students arrive at night to pick out their toppings and have their very own pizza made just for them.

This week was special, as Mr. C brought a group of interested students down to the Mercato on Monday, where he showed them how to prepare the dough for the following day. This was the first meeting of his Cooking Club.

After allowing the dough to rise for 24 hours, the students then not only got to pick their toppings, but roll out the dough, and send their pizzas into the oven under the guidance of Mr. C and Olga.

Other extra curricular activities got underway this week, including Art Club, Italian, and Soccer. Next week, as the gymnasiums reopen after a summer hiatus, will be introducing Basketball and Volleyball twice a week.

This weekend, we’re heading to the mountains to take part in a ropes course. I’ll be sure to post photos from the day.