Physics + Relay Race

Physics + Relay Race


Today marked CCI's Second Annual Water Balloon Challenge.

The physics class was given simple instructions: use your knowledge of the physical laws of nature, combine that with a 20 euro budget, build a machine that will accurately launch water balloons... and try to soak your teacher for bonus marks.

After a week of planning, building, testing, and calibrating, our young physicists set up the contraption in a nearby parking lot. They graciously invited the rest of the school to witness the onslaught. Mr. Knapp was fortunate and managed to escaped with only one direct hit.


Student Council followed the event with a challenge of their own: a Quartieri Relay Race!

As you know, CCI's students are divided into four houses that we call Quartieri. Today each house competed against the other in a relay race that involve hula-hooping, book-balancing, balloon-popping, charades, and culminated in a four person pyramid.

My compliments to Student Council, the physics class, and to the participants of the race. It was a terrific afternoon of fun and learning!