Nor Sleet Nor Rain Nor Dark of Night by Elviira Kahru

Nor Sleet Nor Rain Nor Dark of Night by Elviira Kahru

Thursday, November 25, 2021: Nor Sleet Nor Rain Nor Dark of Night

 By Elviira Kahru


The trip we recently took to Florence was really nice. I had a lot of fun.

First we went to the Uffizi Art Gallery. Even the building was beautiful. Before we went inside, I thought it was going to be a small museum, but it was really, really big. We didn’t even have time to see everything because of how big the place was. There were rooms after rooms of famous artworks. The paintings and the art were beautiful and inspiring.

Then a group of us attended Il Museo Galileo, which had an awesome view of the city from the top floor. When I first walked in through the front door, I was amazed by how many different rooms full of interesting objects and instruments there were. Inside there were a bunch of old clocks and other things that showed us the types of scientific instruments from the Renaissance period.

Then after, we got to do some sightseeing on our own. Florence has a lot of stores and restaurants, and there were also a lot of tourists. The food was actually really good and the people were nice.

On the last day of our overnight trip, we went to Siena. First we had a little tour conducted by Mr. Knapp’s brother-in-law, and then after we went to explore the city. It was a lot colder in Siena than in Florence and it rained a little, even though it wasn’t supposed to. Nevertheless, Siena was really beautiful and the food was amazing but the cold and the rain made it difficult to appreciate it for all it had to offer.

I really enjoyed the feeling of safety I had when I was there and I would definitely love to go to Florence and Siena again and if I will, I would check the weather to make sure it’s warm this time.