My Life in Francavilla al Mare by Nelli Kahru

My Life in Francavilla al Mare by Nelli Kahru

Monday, November 1, 2021: My Life in Francavilla al Mare 

 By Nelli Kahru


I live in Francavilla al Mare, which is a small town south of Pescara. It has a nice beach and the whole town is located along the sea. During the summer there are many, mainly Italian, tourists and summer residents. In the summertime I go to the beach every day as we live literally in front of it. There are many nice fish restaurants on the beach, but most of them are closed in the winter. I go often out to eat with my family in Francavilla and even in Pescara. In the summer I go out almost every day, but now when I'm at school, I don't really have time to go out, except on the weekends.

Living in Francavilla is different than living in Finland, but I do like it better here. The weather is so much warmer during the whole year and there is hardly ever snow in Francavilla. As there are not many foreigners living here, hardly anyone speaks English. That makes my life a bit difficult as I do not speak Italian very well yet. I'm trying my best to learn it at school, and even at home when I have time.

There is a very good and long walking/cycling path by the sea. Sometimes I just go to have a walk outside on that path. It goes all away to Pescara and even further on. It is a good way to do some training, or I can just go to the beach to have a walk, like I do occasionally. In Finland we don’t have any mountains but here I go hiking from time to time with my family in the Gran Sasso.

I go every day to Lanciano to CCI by bus at 7 a.m., and I'm back home by 7 p.m. Some days after school I stay there to do homework, while I'm waiting for the bus. On Fridays I usually stay until 11 p.m. to hang out with my friends from school. Lanciano is pretty different than Francavilla, and they have a different feeling. Lanciano is an old mediaeval town with a beautiful old historic centre. Francavilla, on the other hand, was badly destroyed during the Second World War in 1944 and it has no old centre at all. Lanciano is very cozy and slightly bigger than Francavilla, but I still prefer to live in Francavilla. I’m happy that I can go to Lanciano everyday even though I don’t live there.