At the end of April CCI organized an optional trip to visit the beauties of London, UK. The adventurous group of kids left early on Friday. Excitement was in the air when we saw the coastline of Britain approaching.

In the airport we received an unexpected welcome:

Even though we were not in Italy, we decided to follow the advice. So we joined the long, cheerful, noisy, a somewhat confused line, and then waited patiently for an hour. Then we jumped on the bus that drove us to our hotel. After all that travelling, walking past the trees and flowers of Hyde Park was a relief. We stopped at the Albert Memorial, the Peter Pan Statue and the Royal Kensington Palace. We hoped to see Prince William or the Duchess Kate in the windows, but luck was not on our side.

At night, after dinner, we explored the Victoria and Albert Museum. Its wide collection of artwork was magical in the dark atmosphere of the night. When we left, we realized that in the entrance was being used as a dance hall.

The morning after, less tired and more excited, we went to the British Museum. The history class' students were really amazed to walk through the Egyptian and Babylonian Section and to guide us in the Roman and Greek rooms. At the end of the tour we stopped by the famous Rosetta Stone. We were really in front of a milestone of human civilization! Truly amazing!

After all this history, we needed some fresh air. So we walked along the Mall and we stopped at Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the beautiful Big Ben. Finally, we reached the London Eye with the desire to try a ride. The line was so long that we decide to come back later.

After dinner, the students choose to join a Ghost Bus Tour to discover the mysterious and shady sides of London. Not sure it was actually scary, but at least it gave us the chance to see the beauty of London at night time.

On Sunday the city woke up in a vibrant atmosphere. Many roads were closed off and athletes were everywhere. It was the London Marathon! We waited for the runners to pass by from a privileged location: the London Bridge. After we clapped, cheered and waved flags we walked towards the Tower of London.

The complex is so big that we had to choose what to visit. We entered in the Crown Jewels' Collection where we learnt the history of the English Monarchy. Then we explore the old defensive walls, the Torture Tower and we walked around the old Royal Palace.

After a break for lunch, some girls went for shopping at Camden Market, some at Harrods. Tyler preferred a visit to the famous Chelsea Stadium instead. So, we jumped on the subway and we entered for a visit in this temple of soccer.

Our last day in London came too soon. On Monday, before leaving, we visited the Science Museum – a huge complex organized in many floors. The visit was definitely worthwhile. Then, we checked in at the airport and flew back home to Lanciano.

Many thanks to Tyler, Carolina, Logan, Tess, Duby, Emily and Anastasiia who made this trip really unforgettable!


*A special thank to Ms. Baker and Ms. Tozzi for organizing and leading this trip to London, and for writing this terrific blog.