Lockdown - Then and Now

Lockdown - Then and Now

When Italy announced its nationwide lockdown in March, I was interviewed by The Star to get a sense of what this meant for Canadians living in Italy.


The initial restrictions took some getting used to, and the first two weeks of lockdown were spent at home. While there was an option for Canadian staff to return to home, Mr. Piscina and I decided to stay put. There were a few reasons for this. First of all, we felt relatively safe in Lanciano: We did not see the same panic-buying that was being reported in Canada; the Italians were following the protocols put in place and were staying home; the rate of infection in Abruzzo was (and continues to be) relatively low. We also recognized that the numbers in Italy would likely peak ahead of those in Canada, and having already self-quarantined, we both felt that it was better to wait it out.

Now, my typical day includes stopping by the school to put lessons together, answer emails, and saying hello to Mr. Piscina. He’s been creating video lessons and is happy to have access to the science lab.  Folks in town continue to maintain social distancing, grocery stores and pharmacies limit their number of customers (everyone must also wear a mask), and the town remains very quiet.

As the rates of infection and deaths continue to fall, we are starting to see restrictions being lifted. Not long ago, bookstores and children’s clothing stores were allowed to open, and on May 4th, people will be able to visit family and go for walks or jogs beyond the current 200m limit from their homes. Gradually, more businesses are expected to reopen and schools are planning to start in the fall as scheduled.

This has certainly been a tragic and difficult time for Italians and people all over the world. The glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel is a most welcomed sight.