Every May, CCI embarks on its annual end-of-year trip to Ischia. This volcanic island is located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Naples. This is our final trip, and as such, it is designed to celebrate our year together, and to offer a bit of relaxation before exams. 

We left from the Port of Pozzuoli Thursday afternoon. Despite the spotty weather reports, we enjoyed the warm air and sun.


We arrived at the Hotel Continental in the early afternoon. Many students took the opportunity to visit the beach, shop, and of course, swim in the thermal pools.


That evening, we shared our last “trip dinner” together. Though, one could argue that the lunch the following day was even more delicious. 

We left on Saturday after spending the afternoon at the resort. Not surprisingly given this group of students, the ferry ride turned into a dance party!

We arrived back in Lanciano by 11:00 that evening. I must thank all of the students for making this the least stressful and most relaxing trip to Ishcia CCI has ever had. It's a bit sad to think that the school year will be over in only two weeks.