Every May, CCI embarks on its annual end-of-year trip to Ischia. This volcanic island is located in the Mediterranean off the coast of Naples. This is our final trip, and as such, it is designed to celebrate our year together, and to offer a bit of relaxation before exams.

We left from the Port of Pozzuoli Friday afternoon. Though it was a little overcast, we were able to enjoy the warm winds and gorgeous views.


We arrived at the Hotel Continental in the early afternoon. It took no time before we were enjoying the thermal pools.

That evening, we shared our last “trip dinner” together. Though, one could argue that the lunch the following day was even more delicious.

We left on Saturday after spending the afternoon at the resort. As we waited to board the ferry at the port, we had time for a quick photo shoot.

Upon boarding, we thought the excitement of the trip was over. That was until Mr. Zep decided to start feeding the seagulls. And while it looks like fun, it was actually terrifying.

We arrived back in Lanciano by 11:00 that evening. When I asked Paolo what the highlight of the trip was he told me, "Brian did lots of chores for me, like bringing me breakfast, and switching the channels on the TV when I commanded him to do so." Daphne and Holly's best memory was when the waiter brought a second table for Madi, after she ordered too much food. Tyler couldn't think of just one great memory, telling me that "the whole trip was amazing."