Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

Welcome! So the year begins!

Our teachers arrived a week before the students. Below, from left to right, are Mr. Menzella, Ms. DeBlois-McElrea, Ms. Curtin, Ms. Marinilli, Ms. Tozzi, and Mr. Knapp.

I thought that the teachers looked too serious in the first photo. So here’s proof that they can also be goofy.

The dons were busy preparing the residences for another great year. In the boys' residence, from left to right, are Mr. Pino and Mr. Matteo. In the girls' residence, are Ms. Deb and Ms. Anto, also left to right.

The majority of our students arrived on Friday. For many, it was a long day of travel. They arrived both tired and hungry, so before unpacking, dinner was served at the Allegria.

Lunch was served the following day at the Mercato. This is also where we have lunch during the week.

Later on Saturday, we went to the beach for orientation activities, soccer, and swimming. It was a wonderful bonding experience.

Each student was put into one of four houses. The houses are named after the neighbourhoods, or quartieri, of Lanciano. They are: Borgo, Civitanova, Lancianovecchia, and Sacca. On Sunday we held our first Quartieri Event where students designed a crest and came up with a chant to intimidate the other houses. Already we have some serious rivalries!

All in all, we've had a strong start this year and the camaraderie is growing everyday. While there may still be some feelings of homesickness for the new students, soon CCI will feel like home.