Florence - Day Three: Uffizi & Assisi

Florence - Day Three: Uffizi & Assisi


We started the day with tours-by-choice. Most of our students opted to climb the Duomo, which has well over 400 steps to the top. Still, the view is worth it! Meanwhile, a smaller group visited the Galileo Science Museum, followed by La Specola, which is part of the larger Museum of Nature.

In the afternoon, the school toured the Uffizi. These galleries hold the artwork collected by the Medici family over centuries, and house the most important pieces of the Renaissance.

We jumped onto the bus later on, and started our journey back to Lanciano. However, our trip didn’t end there. Along the way, we stopped in Assisi, located in the Umbria region of Italy. The town is the birthplace of St. Francis, and the basilica houses his sarcophagus. For those who don’t know, St. Francis is one of two patron saints of Italy, the other being Catherine of Siena.


We reached Lanciano by 11:30 that night, after having a wonderful bus ride from Assisi through one of Italy’s national parks. Yes, we were all very tired! Though, I must say that this group of students has been making the most of their summer in Italy, taking in as much as possible, and always wanting more. It’s sad to think that we only have a week left of living and learning in this wonderful country.

As always, I thank our incredible teachers for guiding our students on this trip. And again, thank you to everyone who contributed photos to this blog.


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