Easter Lunch

Easter Lunch

This past weekend was a busy one for CCI students. It was the first optional trip weekend of the semester, where students were able to participate in a teacher-led trip to Berlin. Other students took the opportunity to plan trips of their own, while many spent Easter weekend at home with family.

We planned activities for those students who remained in Lanciano. On Friday, we took the train to nearby Pescara for a quick tour, then had dinner out at Da Carlino ("Dac's").

The following day was quite special, as we traveled to the coast to visit a traditional trabocco. Trabocchi date back to the 1700s. They are complex structures made of pine logs, designed to allow fishermen to catch fish even in rough seas. A large net is suspended from the antennae of the trabocco. The fishermen would lower the antennae to drop the empty net into the water. When the timing was right, they would then raise it, filled with their catch.

These days, the trabocchi are no longer used for fishing, but have been restored because of their historical importance. Some, like Punta Cavalluccio, have been converted into restaurants. It was here that we had Easter lunch.

After a short tour of the building, we sat down for lunch, and didn't get up again for two hours! We were served plate after plate of fish, calamari, pasta, salad, cheese, and fruit.

It was a wonderful way to spend Easter away from home.