Cycling the Costa Dei Trabocchi

Cycling the Costa Dei Trabocchi


The Costa Dei Trabocchi is the most picturesque cycling track in all of Europe.

The newly opened cycleway stretches along the majestic Adriatic coast between Pescara to Vasto, offering cyclists 70 kilometres of manicured riding path (dotted with cafés, pizzerias, and gelateria along the way). It’s also just 11 kilometres from our campus in Lanciano.

Starting in 2021, CCI is excited to add cycling on the Costa Dei Trabocchi as a new extracurricular in 2021/2022. It is quickly becoming a must-see travel destination among cyclists from around the world.

Preparing students for the activity will be our long time friend and coach Kathy Ure, who will lead a mix of land and stationary training to help get CCI cyclists (and walkers) into gear.

Coach Kathy brings with her many achievements and accolades. She’s an accomplished competitive cyclist, motivational speaker, Canadian Gold Medal boxer, Boxing Canada executive board member as well as a registered nurse.

Here she is at Mt. Everest base camp giving a shout out to CCI in 2011 

No doubt she’ll make a huge positive impact when we have her back in Lanciano this year.

Of course, safety is our top priority. This means that helmets are mandatory and students are not permitted to ride bicycles on Italian streets or roadways. Our Costa Del Trabocchi activities will allow students to enjoy the physical, mental and social benefits of organized cycling in a safe and supported program.

Trabocchi are traditional “fishing machines” unique to only a dozen sites along the Adriatic coast which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.