Croatia - Day Two & Three

Croatia - Day Two & Three


Our second day in Dubrovnik began with a relaxing morning. Students were able to sleep-in, visit the nearby beaches, or head to old town.

We regrouped for a War Tour in the early afternoon. There, we learned about the Croatia War of Independence, which lasted from 1991 to 1995. Our guide had lived through the siege of Dubrovnik as a child, and had many interesting stories to share.

In the afternoon, we took a boat to perhaps the happiest and most magical place on Earth: Lokrum Island. I had read that Lokrum was worth a visit, but none of us were prepared for fields full of bunnies and peacocks!

If that wasn’t enough, just beyond the field of joy, was an oasis. The so-called “dead sea” is a tiny inland salt-water lake. Arriving just before sundown made for a perfect end to the day.

On our last day in Croatia, we travelled north. We weren’t blessed with the sunny weather that we had had on the previous days, but were fortunate to be sheltered on the bus ride, before landing in the town of Split.

In Split, we had time for lunch and to tour the town independently. In the fourth century, Emperor Diocletian built his summer palace in the town. Today, you can explore its underground foundations.

In the evening, we caught our ferry back to Italy, waking up in Ancona, just north of Lanciano.  After spending four nights away from home, it felt good to be back.

I had been to Split a number of times with CCI, but this was my first time visiting Dubrovnik. I can’t say enough great things about it. If you haven’t been, add it to your list. The magic of the city is beyond description, you must experience it for yourself.

Thank you Ms. Desmarais and Mr. Knapp for your hard work to organize this incredible trip. It will surely be a highlight of the year for all those who participated, myself included.

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