Croatia - Day One

Croatia - Day One


Throughout the academic year, CCI offers optional trips to its students so as they can experience more of Europe while studying in Italy. Last weekend, we traveled across the Adriatic Sea to magnificent Croatia.

We left shortly after classes on Thursday and drove south to Bari, where we caught an overnight ferry to Dubrovnik. We woke up to a splendid sunrise as we pulled into port.

After checking-in to our hostel, we walked to the old town, making stops along the way to enjoy views of the coast.

We met up with our guides for a tour along the city walls. The protective walls surround the city, and the two-kilometer walk allowed us to appreciate the beauty of the town while our guides explained the history of the city.

The afternoon gave us time to explore the city independently, before regrouping for a ride up the cable car. For anyone traveling to Dubrovnik, it is a must!

Though it was a long day, we had the energy to share a meal together in the port, not far from our hostel. The meal, like many that we had in Croatia, was terrific. It was also a great bonding experience for the group.

For most, it was early to bed, as our next two days of exploration were fast approaching.

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