CCI held its first overnight trip of the year last week, when we toured the region of Campania.

Campania is only three hours away by bus, and we made the most of it by visiting Caserta, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, and Salerno. Needless to say, we were busy!

Our first stop was the Palace of Caserta. The palace was built in the 18th century for the Bourbon kings. The building’s architecture was inspired by the Palace of Versailles, and by volume, is the largest royal residence in the world.

From there, we traveled to Naples to visit the world-famous National Archaeological Museum. Before entering, our students had a bit of free time. Some took the opportunity to grab a slice of proper Napolitano pizza (Naples is the supposed birthplace of this iconic Italian dish).

The museum houses Greek and Roman sculpture, along with mosaics and household items found in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

We then made our way to Sorrento, making a quick stop along the coast to enjoy the view.

CCI ate together that evening in the hotel (apparently the bread was delicious). Students were then given time to explore the city at night.

We were up early the next morning for a boat tour to Amalfi. Thankfully the rain held off and by the time we reached our destination, the sun was shining upon us.

The boat let us off in Salerno for one last stop before heading home to Lanciano. By this time, we were all quite tired. Most stayed on the shore to enjoy the sun and water, while others went into town to explore. Interestingly, Salerno is the home of the Church of Saint Mathew, where his relics are kept.

We were home before 10:00 pm, but for many, it was straight to bed. Overall, I have to say it was an enjoyable trip, and it has only made me more excited for our November trip to Florence!