Bocca di Valle

Bocca di Valle



When speaking with locals about Lanciano I often hear "This is the perfect place to the live, with the sea to the east and the mountains to the west."

On Saturday, we headed west!

After winding through the foothills we arrived at Bocca di Valle ("mouth of the valley") and began our hike into the Maiella.

The first leg of the journey on this hike is a smooth incline alongside a dry creek bed. As we headed further up the mountain, we began to hear the trickling of water through the stones, eventually leading to a fresh mountain spring.

After a steep climb and a few crosses over the creek, we were getting nearer to our goal: Cascata San Giovanni. This beautiful waterfall was well worth the effort with many students celebrating by jumping into the icy pool beneath the falls.


A truly wonderful day spent in the Maiella.