A Day in the Life of a CCI Student by Alessandro Cigni

A Day in the Life of a CCI Student by Alessandro Cigni

Tuesday, November 2, 2021: A Day in the Life of a CCI Student 

 By Alessandro Cigni


This is my typical daily routine. I get up at about 7:30. I get dressed in my CCI uniform, and I say goodbye to my grandparents whom I am living with. I head to Via Cavour trying to get there before 9:15. I know that when I arrive a warm breakfast will be waiting for me. After breakfast, Mrs. Di Carlo D’Alessandro, the School Director and Founder, and Mr. Bellisario, who is currently appointed as the Headmaster at CCI, along with some other teachers, give the morning announcements. After morning assembly, my classmates and I start with the lessons. My busy day is divided between four periods: Period 1, that starts at 10:00, Period 2 at 11:25, Period 3 that starts at 1:30 PM and Period 4 that starts at 2:55 PM. In a blur, the day ends at 4:15 PM. Between Period 2 and Period 3 we have lunch at the Allegria Restaurant, where every day we are served fresh and healthy food. Surprisingly , for small school, there are plenty of courses available that students can choose from.

As a student very keen on the sciences and who aspires to join the medical field, this semester I’m taking university preparatory courses in Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Functions and Italian Studies. Next semester I will be taking Advanced Biology, Advanced Physics and Advanced Calculus and Vectors. A variety of extracurriculars are also offered here at CCI. I am personally a member of the following clubs: Environmental Studies Club, Cycling Club, Fitness Club, Chess Club, Basketball Club, Soccer Club, Debate and Public Speaking Club, and Dungeons and Dragons Club. The school recently began to offer the Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer Program. That’s a lot on one plate.

How does it feel being educated in another language, when Italian has been the only mode of instruction I have ever known? It has been challenging. Why did I choose to subject myself to this clash of cultures? Until a couple of months ago, I received instructions and I learned in Italian only. Now my lessons are exclusively in English. That is quite the learning curve. So why am I here? First of all, I love the multicultural nature of our environment and I was eager to join CCI knowing this, even if that came at the cost of moving about 1000 km from my hometown in northern Italy. I also love the English language. In my career at my old high school, I earned the Cambridge C1 Certificate of Advanced English and now, studying entirely in English, I am working towards becoming fluently bilingual and earning the Cambridge C2 Certificate of Proficiency in English. It’s only been a couple of months at CCI so far and I already feel like my knowledge of the English language has improved exponentially. Attending CCI will also open doors to universities abroad. With the help of Mrs. Jessie Smith, who serves as the guidance counselor at CCI, I’m working towards getting accepted to some of the best universities in the world. I’m also learning that the staff at CCI is the best I’ve ever met in my school career. That’s why I’m here.