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A Day in Our Life


CCI is located in the medieval heart of Lanciano which is over 3000 years old, making older than Rome. Since Lanciano is a hilltop town, there are flights of stairs everywhere which is good for everyone’s heart and leg muscles. The school is housed in a 14th C house that is four storeys high guarded at the front by two heavy doors. 

As the school day begins, the students have made themselves ready and cleaned up their rooms in residence before walking a short distance to school. There, they have breakfast in advance of Morning Announcements being made.  


The academic day is split into two halves, each with two eighty minute periods.

Changing classes provides another opportunity for exercise as inevitably the next class is on another floor!

The students walk down the street to the Mercato to have lunch.

There they can have any combination of salads, pizza, pasta, fish and fruit. Virtually everything that our students eat comes from within a 15 km. radius, including the fish. Since farmers here do not spray their fruits and vegetables their produce is fresh and free of preservatives. 


After school, many of our students go to the gym or jog. Other activities will be starting up soon. Following dinner at the Allegria, there is supervised Study Hall in the residences and in the school. 


Following Study Hall, our students have free time in the residences before it is time for the lights to go out in order to rest up for another day.