A Day at CCI

A Day at CCI


Our day begins with breakfast at the school. It is prepared in our kitchen and served buffet-style. Students and staff eat together either in the student lounge or atrium. A typical breakfast spread includes pancakes, waffles, cured meats, cheeses, eggs, cereal, and fresh fruit.

Assembly begins promptly at 9:15 am in the atrium with the entire CCI community present: students, teachers, office staff, residence dons, and administration. We use this time to share important information about upcoming events and daily activities, but also to celebrate birthdays and to laugh together.

Class begins at 10:00. The later start time has been adopted to better facilitate learning, as research suggests that adolescents perform optimally later in the morning. The time between breakfast and class also allows students to meet with teachers for extra help.

Lunch is served at the Mercato (or “market”), which is a short walk from the school building. Like breakfast, lunch is served buffet-style. Everyday two types of pasta, and two types of hot meat dishes are served, along with vegetarian options. There are also cured meats, fixings for salads, bread, fruits and vegetables, and on some days – french fries.

Classes end at 4:15. Extra-curricular activities follow, though these will not be in full swing until next week after everyone is fully settled.

We eat dinner at the Allegria in the evening. As with lunch, two types of pasta and meat are served. There is also a cold table with meats, salads, vegetables, etc. There is fresh fruit for desert as well as sweets.

From Sunday to Thursday, curfew is at 8:00 pm and is followed by a one-hour study hall. Weekends are usually busy with trips or other activities, though there is free time for socializing, relaxing, and studying.