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Guidance Counselors


Geoff Smith heads CCI's University Placement process. After acquiring undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemistry, 1964 found Geoff Smith in the classroom where he spent forty-two years teaching senior and AP Chemistry.  In 1980 he moved into the area of educational administration with fewer hours in the classroom replaced by university guidance. Geoff's career has always been in private schools including many years at St. Andrew's College. In 1999 Geoff took a leap and came to CCI as Head of School. Geoff has remained an integral part of the school since then and is responsible for helping students find the right post-secondary institution year after year. Ensuring CCI graduates are matched with their university or college of choice is a passion for Geoff. CCI is lucky to have his years of wisdom and perspective to rely on when it comes to placing our graduates into top institutions around the globe.


Brittany Desmarais, or "Ms. D"  has worked at Canadian schools, internationally, since 2013. She has taught Junior and Senior level English and in more recent years, has flourished as CCI's Guidance Officer. Brittany believes that the opportunity to teach a Canadian curriculum to students abroad, allows for an unparalleled educational experience; being exposed to students from all over the world, working together to accomplish similar academic goals. This style of education forges students to become uniquely independent. As an academic advisor, Brittany has a wealth of knowledge concerning international requirements for post-secondary admissions and assists in all application processes. Her knowledge of such procedures extends far beyond just Canada, allowing students to embrace their interest in education abroad, and become familiarized with a variety of post-secondary options.