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Travel is an integral part of the CCI curriculum. In addition to numerous day trips, there are also overnight trips in each semester as students and staff travel together to see the most important and beautiful sites that Italy and Europe have to offer. Please visit the School Trips section for more information on Travel at CCI

The essence of CCI is that challenging learning takes place in the country of the Renaissance whose archaeological, historical and art treasures are visited as an integral part of the CCI educational experience. A global education demands of our students a comfort with travel on supervised trips in Italy and Europe. Trips to cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento and Pompeii are organized by the teachers. Tours are conducted in a relevant way that expands on classroom learning and widens the scope of the student’s education. Such school sanctioned trips are mandatory. The Code of Conduct is in effect on these and any other trip organized by the school.