CCI hires professionally trained and certified teachers with experience and expertise in their subject areas.  All of our teachers, with the exception of our Italian language teacher, who is certified in Italy, hold Ontario Teaching Certificates and are members of the Ontario College of Teachers.   

CCI teachers are devoted to meeting student needs beyond the classroom and contribute to the extra-curricular life of the school. Our teachers lead guided tours to the numerous museums on our school trips and these tours are directly related to the curriculum taught in the classroom.  

Additionally, teachers also alternate supervising mandatory study hall in the evening and are available in the morning, after announcements, to assist students with their studies before classes begin. Our teachers are very passionate about their subject and this tremendously enhances student learning.

The overall teacher to student ratio of one to ten ensures extensive individual attention is available for each student.

Meet Our Staff

Mr. Piscina

Roberto Piscina was born in Montréal, Québec and holds B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a M.A in German. Mr. Piscina first starting working as a research assistant with the Ayerst Laboratories-pharmaceutical company, and the Montreal Children’s Hospital/McGill University. This pharmaceutical research position involved analysing possible new drug combinations for the treatment of hypertension. The latter research position at MCH and McGill involved research on Insulin-Like Growth Factors. In both these positions, he had the opportunity to work with many pleasant and dedicated researchers as well as gain a better understanding of what the research process entails. He later became a high school teacher and joined the Carlton School Board. This profession afforded him the opportunity to teach overseas with  AFNorth International School  in The Netherlands before becoming a member of the faculty at Canadian College Italy in 2017.  He has taught Sciences and Mathematics for the most part of his career, and on occasion, Spanish, French, and German as well. Mr. Piscina enjoys teaching, playing drums and listening to all types of music.  He takes great pleasure in studying the different sounds and different grammatical structures in many languages and hence is fluent in English, French, Italian, and German. 

Mr. Knapp

Tim Knapp was keenly interested in history as a young student because of an inspirational teacher who had a knack for telling intriguing stories. After high school, however, he decided to enter the work force for several years and this led to many interesting employment experiences and the acquisition of incredible new skills. While attending Arizona State University, with the intention of becoming a history teacher, Tim was inspired to change path and pursue a teaching degree in Mathematics and Physics since he enjoyed those courses tremendously. He harbors the intention to someday return to university for post graduate studies in those disciplines. During his years as a student, Tim held a part time job at an indoor climbing gym which ignited a passion for technical rock climbing, a hobby that allowed him to enjoy many years of traveling to some of the most remote and beautiful cliffs in North America and Southeast Asia. After graduation in 2005, he started his teaching career at a high school in Phoenix Arizona. His love for travel and adventure encouraged him to accept work at an international school in San Jose and Costa Rica. Working in Central America offered him the opportunity to learn Spanish and practice surfing.  In 2008 he accepted a full time faculty position with Canadian College Italy and went on to acquire an Ontario Teaching Certificate to add to his International qualifications. Since then, he has enjoyed his time organizing and traveling on school trips around Italy and Europe. He has been extremely resourceful in organizing engaging physics activities for the entire school that were thoroughly enjoyed by all students. Recently he has been developing his gardening skills for his lovely new home on the outskirts of Lanciano and has taken an interest in computer programming. Tim Knapp is an extremely resourceful individual, with a keen sense of humour and unique skills acquired by his worldly adventures. The most wonderful part, however, of his time at CCI, was to have met and married Vittoria Tozzi, our Italian teacher.    

Mrs. Tozzi

Vittoria Tozzi currently teaches Italian Language /Culture and Philosophy at CCI. A native of Lanciano, Ms Tozzi, attended a local High School where she first discovered her love for Humanities. She later moved to the region of Umbria to complete her studies at the  “Università degli Studi” in Perugia, where she obtained a degree in History and Philosophy.  Her main focus of study was the Scientific Revolution that occurred during the time of the Renaissance. She continued her studies, at the same University, acquiring a Specialist Degree in Philosophy and Contemporary Art. Fueled by her strong passion for Art History, Ms.Tozzi accepted a position at the Barbella Museum in Chieti; this further inspired her to teach the many aspects of European Art and Culture. Staying true to her objectives, Ms. Tozzi obtained a Teaching Certificate for Italian language at the “Università per Stranieri di Siena” in Tuscany and as part of the teaching program, did her practicum  at Canadian College Italy. Initially she was employed as a Residence Don until a full time faculty position became available and she officially became CCI’s Italian language/Philosophy teacher. With her incredible depth of knowledge both in the Art world and in Italian culture, coupled with her poise and intellect, Ms . Tozzi has brilliantly led many guided tours for our students and contributes greatly to educating our entire community on Italian culture. 

Mr. Centofanti

Steven Centofanti, or also well known as Mr. C is has been the School Manager at Canadian College Italy since 2005. Mr. Centofanti is Canadian born and perfectly bilingual in English and Italian but has lived most of his life in Italy.  Originally from Sulmona, he now lives in Frisa, a small town just outside Lanciano with his young family.   Mr. Centofanti is an extremely talented individual whose services are indispensable to the life of the school.  Not only does Mr. C deal with administrative issues but he has the added responsibility of overseeing the maintenance of all the school buildings and the food service.    He has always had a passion for food and has extensive experience in culinary arts, having worked both as a professional baker and a cook renders him is a key person, along with the kitchen staff, in the preparation of meals Mr. Centofanti has a very special devotion to the wellbeing of the students.  He is constantly trying to connect them to the community in sporting events and any special extra-curricular activity that they would like to pursue while they are in Italy.   In the past, when students were interested in Scuba Diving, Mr. Centofanti, being an avid diver himself, ran a Scuba club for students on Saturdays. He constantly strives to make students comfortable in their new living environment.  Mr. C is loved and respected by everyone in the community. 

Ms. Coletta

Loredana Coletta is our Italian office administrative assistant but in reality does so much more for our school community.  She was born and lives in Cepagatti, a small neighbouring town just outside of Pescara. Her main responsibilities include bookkeeping and filing documents with the appropriate authorities locally.  She has a keen eye for numbers and is extremely organized. With her extensive background working with the local Red Cross coupled with her caring nature, she becomes the key person for students that are not feeling well.  She makes all the relevant doctor appointments and accompanies the students personally.  Furthermore, she prepares administrative documents for both teachers and students and connects with all the relevant bureaucratic offices in the region. Loredana is a tireless assistant, who devotes all of her energy selflessly to the needs of our students and staff.  Her friendly demeanor and her altruist character reassures all of us that we are in good hands.  

Ms. Manchee

Jocelyn Manchee joined Canadian College Italy in the summer of 2002, and has been fortunate to travel Lanciano many times to visit the school and the beautiful town of Lanciano. Previously Jocelyn worked in the Admissions Office at Upper Canada College and at York University. Talking with families about the unique Canadian College Italy experience, and helping them through the application process, is the key component of her role at the school.  The prospect of attending school abroad can be a bit daunting for both a potential student and their parents.  Jocelyn is pleased to answer any questions or give more detailed information about the school.  A frequent comment from parents at the end of the conversation is “I’d like to go to CCI too!” Having also spent her final year of high school studying in Europe, and the many years of being a part of the CCI community, makes it a pleasure for her to speak to the life changing opportunity of attending Canadian College Italy.  Whether it be for just one semester, a year, or more, there is much for students to enjoy and grow by studying in our unique environment and by making friends from around the world.

Ms. Desmarais

Brittany Desmarais, or "Ms. D"  has worked at Canadian schools, internationally, since 2013. She has taught Junior and Senior level English and in more recent years, has flourished as CCI's Guidance Officer. Brittany believes that the opportunity to teach a Canadian curriculum to students abroad, allows for an unparalleled educational experience; being exposed to students from all over the world, working together to accomplish similar academic goals. This style of education forges students to become uniquely independent. As an academic advisor, Brittany has a wealth of knowledge concerning international requirements for post-secondary admissions and assists in all application processes. Her knowledge of such procedures extends far beyond just Canada, allowing students to embrace their interest in education abroad, and become familiarized with a variety of post-secondary options. 

Mr. Bodley

Joseph Bodley is the social science instructor at CCI. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in History from the University of Western Ontario. After spending a year teaching tutorials at the University, he attended the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to complete his Bachelor of Education. Joseph began his teaching career at Ulluriaq School in the Inuit community of Kangiqsualujjuaq, located in northern Québec. Over the course of his year there, he was significantly impacted by the indigenous culture he encountered and it now helps guide his teaching practice.