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Canadian College ItalyCanada's Top High School in Italy

Our Approach

Our school delivers an academically rigorous high school curriculum under the supervision of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Students are immersed in a structured environment in which they live in residence and are expected to abide by school rules which include after-school activities and in-room evening study. CCI offers unique incentives and opportunities as learning and living unfolds in Italy, home of the Renaissance and the starting point of today's knowledge-based civilization.

Students directly experience antiquity and modern Europe, both formally and informally, through regular organized trips with the school and through daily life in a modern town sensitively aware of its more than 3,400-year history. Entering students are encouraged to take introductory Italian, which they quickly recognize as an integral part to making town life feasible, pleasant and friendly.

CCI offers educational advantages as students follow a challenging academic curriculum, all courses are taught in English ( except for Italian language), by Ontario trained teachers, specialists in their subject area, in the classroom. Courses are not online and fall under the subjects below:

  • Mathematics
  • Classical Civilization
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Social Sciences
  • English
  • Italian/French
  • Art
  • Drama

The School offers grades 9, 10, 11 and 12, and students may enroll for a single semester or for up to four academic years (two semesters per year). CCI is inspected by the province of Ontario, Canada, whose requirements parallel or exceed most other North American jurisdictions. CCI is also a member of ECIS, the European Council of International Schools. In addition to regular ministry standards, CCI ensures that eighty percent of the School's teaching staff must be from Ontario in maintaining the standards set out by the chosen curriculum. Our standards meet or excel the standards of every other boarding high school in Europe. CCI has received credit granting authority from the Ontario Ministry of Education since it opened in 1995.

Since the school began, student awareness of and response to this professional interest and personal dedication has been very evident, and rewardingly expressed in sustained student commitment to studies and academic excellence. The overall teacher-to-student ratio of one-to-twelve ensures extensive individual attention is available for every student.