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Canadian College ItalyCanada's Top High School in Italy

Why CCI?

CCI is unique. Here are 7 key elements that have set us apart from other boarding schools in Europe for over 25 years. 

  1. A True Italian Experience
    • Students live in a safe authentic Italian town, away from the traffic of tourists
    • Woven into the community since 1995, our students are immersed daily in the local traditions, culture, and history of Lanciano
  2. Family Environment
    • Housed in the former palazzo of an Italian family, our school building is literally a home away from home with historic ties to Canada
    • Our teachers are readily available to our students, living only footsteps away from our residences, providing additional safety, security, and a strong sense of community
  3. Boarding Experience
    • Live-in Residence Dons, with roots in the community, guide and mentor our students, acting as big brothers and sisters
    • Living together in our residences, students form strong bonds and forge long-lasting friendships 
  4. Accreditation 
    • As the only school in Italy that is inspected annually by the Ministry of Education for the Canadian province of Ontario, we have earned credit-granting authority since our founding in 1995
    • 100% of our teachers are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers in Canada. The only exception we make is our native Italian teacher
    • Our strong program has resulted in our excellent reputation with universities and colleges around the world
    • CCI is not a travel program, we are a private boarding high-school with one primary location
  5. Our Perspective on Offline vs. Online Courses
    • We believe in educating the whole student and continue to value face-to-face instruction in a small classroom environment
    • Online courses comprise less than 5% of our curriculum and are only offered as a supplement for specific subjects
  6. Academically Enriching
    • We are a university preparatory program dedicated to supporting students during a critical phase in their lives
    • Our school has a strong record of placing students in top universities and colleges world-wide
    • Frequent trips throughout the semester provide enrichment. Trips are organized and led by our teachers and have close ties to our curriculum
  7. Strong Canadian Ties
    • Our school building acted as the Canadian Headquarters during WWII and our students proudly represent Canada in the community every day
    • The neighbouring town of Ortona was liberated by the Canadians in 1943, and it is there that we proudly host our Remembrance Day ceremony each November