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Canadian College ItalyCanada's Top High School in Italy

Mission & Philosophy

"Proceed and you shall Succeed"

Perge et Valeas


To provide a unique environment in which students experience a renaissance: academically, socially and culturally.

Philosophy & Objectives

  • To offer a special living environment: communal, foreign, and culturally rich
  • To provide an extraordinary learning environment: small classes, an experienced and caring faculty and quality resources
  • To trigger a renewal in student learning through faculty accessibility, challenging academic demands, and focused study
  • To consciously promote classically liberal and secular values
  • To bring students to an acceptance of social responsibility as a basic right
  • To inculcate in our students an acceptance of ownership for their learning
  • To effect a change in student outlook through contact with the local Italian community and with the cultural and artistic aspects of Italy
  • To develop the curriculum so that each course taught has a cultural component
  • To involve students in the structure of their living and learning